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ABOUT US Fish Whisperer is a company based on the West Coast of Mauritius that offers five boating activities primarily focused on Fishing and Dolphin Watching in the region of Black River, Mauritius.

fish-whisperer-image-2 Fish Whisperer was launched in February 2014 by two highly passionate and 澳洲幸运8官方开奖直播 Mauritian fishermen namely: Ian Koenig and Michael Forget with the aim of offering a personalised service to fishing enthusiasts and those who enjoy a variety of sea activities.

Apart from Big Game Fishing and Dolphin Watching on the West Coast of Mauritius, they also offer unforgettable boat trips that are customisable.


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The Mauritian waters have built a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best destinations for catching a variety of Billfish such as Blue marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish and Spearfish.

On big game fishing trips, you may also encounter 2024官网开奖在线查询结果,澳洲幸运8开奖直播 Sharks, Wahoo, Dorado (Mahi-mahi), Yellow Fin Tuna and Bonito. Ian and Michael will go the extra mile for you, so that you can put your inner Hemingway to the test.


Yellow Fin Tuna, weighing between 3 and 25 kg are available all year round, off the West Coast of Mauritius.


Fish Whisperer has an 85% catch rate when taking clients trolling, jigging and casting for Tuna, 开奖官网网站查询澳洲体彩8开奖168官网历史号码, Dorado and Wahoo using jigs, silicone and plastic lures. Dorado, Wahoo and Bonito are also frequently caught.


When going whale watching in Mauritius, you’ll be able to unwind while also experiencing emotions that you’ve probably never felt before.

It’s their sheer size, presence, calmness, loud exhaling sounds (blow), and their tail sticking out of the water just 官方在线视频直播开奖地址-中国体育彩票澳洲幸运8 diving (sounding) that will provide you all these unforgettable memories.


Dolphin watching is on the bucket list of most people. In Mauritius, you can swim with them in their natural habitat, which is even more spectacular!


It’s awe-inspiring to observe these creatures playing, cruising, and swimming in their natural habitat.



Our Family Fishing excursions are specifically designed to provide a meaningful and enjoyable fishing opportunity for the youth!

We promote fishing as an alternative leisure activity and educate the 澳洲幸运8官网开奖结果历史/免费下载分析开奖大数据 in terms of angler ethics, fish identification and water safety to develop skills that provide a lifelong hobby.



Fish Whisperer is a 30-foot ‘Ocean Master’ boat that was built in 2020.

Fish Whisperer is designed and fully equipped for Big Game Fishing in Mauritius.