Hi everyone, it’s Michael & Ian
It is important to share with you this photo and this day at work.

Why so important?
Simply because this fishing day was the first day of in our new adventure as professional fishermen.
we were feeling stressed and a bit anxious as we had quit our respective jobs to let our passion becomes our daily work.

You are never too sure at the beginning if it’s a good decision, if it has been well calculated, etc… right?
But anyway, today in this first fishing experience, we are fishing for ourselves and unfortunately not with clients.

On the way to reach the fishing spot, it was now 4h15 am and the feelings were mixed: excitement, enthusiasm, motivation and a bit of stress.
But as soon as we arrived on the spot , we could see that the birds were already flying around so we felt relieved because most of the time when there are birds so early in the morning it means that the fish will be active.

A few seconds after the first line was out : Strike! Wow! Yellow Fin Tuna wasin the boat! Yes!!!
No time to think, no time to rest, the fishe were hungry and feeding like crazy!
It was a perfect day for fishing as the sea was more rough than calm, a little bit of rain and not that much sun! Ideal weather conditions.

Very interesting to observe so much activity on the surface, from the hundreds hunting, the skipped jack tuna’s swimming in the waves and the splashes made by the yellow fin tunas after it attacked the bait fish.
The day had been extremely busy until 14h45 pm the time to reel in all the lines and go back to shore. Long day out, but, how fun!

The result as you can see on this photo is incredible: 43 yellow fins, 23 skipped jack tunas, 1 Mahi and 1 Wahoo.

The only thing that came in our mind after this first experience was: “It’s a good sign”!

<< Great Love and Great Achievements involve Great Risks>> – Dalai Lama! ;-).